image551.jpgNathan and the Marangoni Fiat 500 completed the Nurburgring 24 Hour. Despite technical problems in qualifying the little car ran without any mechanical problems for the whole race, but an electrical fault lost the team 4 hours in the night. Nathan drove the first stint in the race with 200,000 spectators lining the 14 mile track on the parade lap, and took an extra turn in the night when driving was particularly difficult in the wet and blinding lights of the faster cars. Despite starting 220th the car eventually finished in 148th place with over 70 much faster cars behind it. “It was an amazing experience but a little scary with the faster cars overtaking me, particularly in the night”. commented Nathan afterwards, “But we finished and that was the main aim. My thanks to Marangoni Tyres for giving me this opportunity. I look forward to competing in further endurance racing now I have had a taste of it, perhaps in something a little faster”